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The California Supreme Court Issues Ruling re the Entitlement to Compensation for Pre- and Post-Work

This month, the California Supreme held that a group of employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement failed to state a viable claim for payment for the time they spent on pre- and post-work activities since they expressly agreed, by way of the collective bargaining process, to a specific amount of compensation on the time spent on such activities, and there is no allegation that the state failed to pay the agreed-upon amount; the employees who were not covered by the collective bargaining agreement were not entitled to additional pay for the time they spent walking to and from a work post, but they may be entitled to additional pay for the time they spent after beginning their first work activity, until arriving at their work post, since such time qualifies as compensable work time under the Department of Human Resources Pay Scale Manual and regulations. (See, Stoetzi v. Department of Human Resources - filed July 1, 2019 - 2019 S.O.S. 3132.)

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