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Pregnancy Discrimination

There are many many examples of unlawful discrimination, whether a worker is mistreated because of their sexual orientation or turned down for a position solely because of their older age. However, some people are surprised to find that there are many more ways in which workers are illegally discriminated against, such as those who are pregnant. It is crucial for employers and employees to be aware of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act for various reasons. Not only should employers do what they can to prevent these violations, but workers who are subjected to discrimination based on their pregnancy status should be prepared to stand for their rights.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act amends the Civil Rights Act of 1984 by barring discrimination due to pregnancy. Moreover, there are other forms of discrimination related to pregnancy which are also prohibited, such as discrimination due to a related health issue or the birth of a child. Under this act, pregnant women must receive the same treatment as employees or job applicants with similar work abilities.

Pregnancy discrimination manifests in the workplace in diverse ways, as with other forms of discrimination. For example, a pregnant woman may be denied a position she is fully qualified for or someone could lose their job solely because they became pregnant, which could place additional financial strain on their family. It is also important for employers and employees to be aware of their responsibilities and rights with respect to pregnancy leave.

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