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Justice Kennedy Decides to Step Down from the Supreme Court

This Wednesday Justice Kennedy shocked the legal world with his decision to step down from the Supreme Court. Given the timing of his resignation his decision could have a resounding impact for decades to come. With Donald Trump as president and a Republican controlled Senate this could drastically shift the make up of the court.

Immediately after the news broke Republicans have already started maneuvering to swiftly confirm a conservative justice. They are working to get this done before the November election out of fear they lose control of the Senate to the Democrats. This would effectively give conservatives a stronghold over the court. This could potentially bring an end to Obamacare and overturn Rowe v. Wade.

Any social progress made by liberals could be undone with the addition of another conservative justice. Additionally this could be a major setback for workers rights. It is probable that Trump's appointee will be very employer friendly. If Donald Trump gets two Supreme Court appointments it means his presidency will leave a significant mark on American law for years to come.

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