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Don't Stand for Employee Retaliation

Retaliation Lawyer

When our client came to us, he had recently been fired, allegedly in retaliation for disclosing to state authorities the illegal practices in which his employers were engaged. In addition to numerous labor code violations, client's managers required him to participate in fraudulent business practices under threat of termination.

Allegedly under the threat of termination, our client was made to work seven consecutive days without a day off in between, and up to eighty hours in an eight day period, with shifts exceeding 12 hours. Our client made numerous complaints to his supervisors regarding the health and safety hazards posed by such working conditions, but his complaints were met with hostility. When he informed the authorities of the above-mentioned fraudulent activities, the client was subjected to punitive action.

After meeting with a workplace owner to discuss his complaints, and talking about his report to the authorities, our client found himself without a job just a week later.

Some employers believe they are above the law and try to intimidate their employees into accepting work conditions that violate California Labor Code. Workplace rights exist for a reason, and the law is there to protect those rights.

Because our client came to us in time he was able to reach a settlement to cover the cost of his unemployment and lost wages, but many employees facing a similar situation feel as though they have no options at all. Felahy Employment Lawyers want you to know what rights you have in the workplace. If you have been subject to retaliation or intimidation, then don't hesitate to contact us.

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