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Justice In Racial Discrimination Case

Discrimination Lawyer

John Doe, a client of Employment Attorney Allen Felahy, has been awarded substantial compensation in a confidential settlement reached with his former employer last week. Doe, a bi-racial man of African American descent, suffered harassment and discrimination during his tenure at the company despite working as a model employee, initially gaining a promotion within his first few months.

This seeming good will quickly changed to hostility in spite of Doe's work ethic, when he discovered that his new site supervisor held a dislike for black people. Under this supervisor Doe was demoted from his new position, and became the object of a slew of racial slurs and disparaging comments.

When he brought his complaints to company managers, Doe began to suffer retaliation from the supervisor in the form of disparate treatment, continued derogatory language, and sudden reassignments and schedule changes.

Regardless of his complaints, both official and unofficial, the discrimination worsened until Doe had had enough. Over the course of his employment, Doe was degraded with continuous racial slurs from both his supervisors and his co-workers. In addition, Doe was demoted from his position, intentionally moved to a dangerous location, and was made to work consecutive 12 hour shifts with just one day off in-betwen.

These are the working conditions that forced him out of his job , and to seek compensation for lost wages and significant personal distress. His employers allowed this kind of treatment to continue for months, and Doe correctly felt that his workplace rights had been violated. Fortunately for John Doe, he was able to contact the right attorney to represent his case and received a commensurable settlement for all he had to go through. Perhaps more importantly, though, his employers were held accountable for their actions and were forced to make recompense. Money cannot make up for Doe's suffering, but reaching a settlement like this does send a message to companies and people who believe they are above reproach.

Unfortunately, Doe's story is not unique and many people suffering harassment in the workplace feel as though they have no rights and no one to help him. We at Felahy Employment Lawyers want you to know your rights; and most importantly, we want you to know that there are people who make it their job to stand up for those rights. If you have been discriminated against, wrongfully terminated, or are a victim of wage theft, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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